Fallport City is a city in the southwest Pandora Region. Fallport City in the east of a bay by two peninsula. It home to the Radiance Lighthouse and Hator Shipyard. Fallport City is located southwest at the end of a bay


Fallport HarborEdit

Fallport Harbor is one of the most busiest ports in the Pandora Region . on the east of the runaway to the docks is a cargo port full of shippments from and to other regions. S.S Shadow is a cruise ferry that travel to the Julstar Islands. After everyone departs from the ship, It comes back to the port.

Hator ShipyardEdit

Hator Shipyard is a shipyard where most ships are made in the region. Hator Telin built the shipyard is make ships for the region.


The population of Fallport City is 48.